Michael McCaffrey

This very second the concept of our individual selves, the very definition of our identity, is made up of unevenly applied and fractured layers of “self”. It is a delicate balancing act that keeps who we are now, who we were and who we will become structurally sound. This is the point of departure in my paintings, the present moment. As a painting simultaneously unfolds and contracts I squint to see beyond the direct representation of the now; in the paint I observe the forms of the past and those of the future. The great beauty of paint is its ability to be fixed in place as well as in in flux, paint allows for the weight of history and memory as well as the breath of the present. Visually, I desire to create a layered accumulation of paint and memories, a woven tapestry that captures a deeper and holistic view of my subjects. My subject matter is dictated by a desire to capture the people, places and things in my life as I observe them now. I am driven by a desire to capture the truth of these people as they are now because the truth is, the truth changes.