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Painting I/II_Diorama Landscape
Painting I/II_Diorama Landscape
Oil on Canvas

Project Description:
Our subject for the next series of paintings is the “Landscape”. However, we will not be going outside, instead,
we will be using two Dioramas as our source material. When I think of a diorama, I think of a small-contained
world. These dioramas are specifically focused on a natural and a synthetic landscape.
When you hear the term “Landscape” what comes to mind?
When I think of “Landscape”, I think of upheaval, change and development as well as moments of serenity. Perhaps,
slow processes of change are frequently evident. A landscape can be full of great vistas and claustrophobic
What role does Scale play in your ideas of “Landscape”?
What role does Texture play?
Student’s objectives
• Students will build or have built two canvases or panels (or one canvas and one panel). Each surface
should be 24”x30”.
• Students will stretch and gesso (at least 3 coats) the surface before the first day of work
• Students will continue to explore the material of paint by experimenting with different application techniques-
you must over a period of days-
Adding paint with a brush, Adding paint with the Palette knife, scrape, wipe out/wipe in areas, work wet into
wet, apply dry brush technique, and glaze
• Students will experiment with creating TEXTURE IN A PAINTING
• Students will work in layers developing the surface of their paintings over several working sessions
• Students will be open to making large changes in a painting
• We may spend one day where students work on each other’s paintings.
• At the end of class each day, students will add to a collaborative painting.
• Students will observe how color changes when mixed on the surface of a painting over multiple sessions
of working.
• Students will explore creating spatial illusions through the manipulation of edges of shapes and formsyou
must create both atmospheric areas vs. more solid areas