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Painting I/II_Group Still Life w/Toned Ground
Painting I/II_Group Still Life w/Toned Ground
Oil on Canvas

Project Description:
Continuing our exploration of the still life motif, you will break up into groups and combine your personal
objects with those of others. The purpose of this assignment is to further develop your understanding of color
(expanding to use a full palette), design and form. In addition to this, you will be challenged to accurately represent
what you observe while navigating space using the language of paint.
For this series of paintings, I ask that each student prepare each canvas with a different colored ground. Applying
a colored ground before painting is an age-old tradition. A white canvas can be startlingly cold to work on,
it can feel foreign, intimidating and uninviting, and it is a good thing to make it go away as quickly as possible!
At this point you have probably observed that the tone, temperature and value of a color all change depending
on adjacent colors. Applying a colored ground gives you a basis of comparison; it gives you something to judge
your colors against, in order to make further decisions as you paint.
• Students will build/purchase 3 Stretchers from the common shop
• Each stretcher is to be 24”x24”
• Students will break up into groups, each group will compile their objects to build a still life
• Students will create three different paintings, one from each still life. If we build two still-lifes, then making
two paintings from one still life is fine-just be sure to use a different composition.
• Each Painting is to begin with a light ground applied to the surface after the gesso has dried.
1. Blue ground
2. Burnt Sienna Ground
3. Black ground
• Students are to work on each of these paintings more than once