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Painting II_Monumental Self Portrait
Painting II_Monumental Self Portrait
Oil on Canvas

Project Description:
During this next unit, you will turn your observational eye and painterly hand upon yourself. You will complete
one larger self-portrait as well as several smaller ones focusing on how to create a life like and painterly representation
of yourself. What are the important things when creating a painted self-portrait? Is it an exact likeness?
While you are working on the paintings I want you to focus on the physicality of the paint itself, you are using
paint to construct the physical form of your head, face, features and personality. We all have eyes, a mouth, a
nose, ears, etc., but underneath these surface elements, we are blood, bones, muscles, jutting hard things vs. soft
tissues. Part of your job anytime you paint a portrait or figure is to reflect these underlying elements and just as
bones and muscles function to create structure for your more attractive surface features so can paint (because
of it’s physicality) create a strong sense of structure and must do so in any successful portrait. In other words, I
want you to look beyond your nose and try and paint the structure of it, I want you to paint the color of the flesh
(flesh is a more physical term than skin I think) the shape of the cheek and the bulging of the eyeball! Painting
in this way will create a much more “complete” picture and add to the PSYCHOLOGY of your portraits.